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2 full days in the Mecca of fashion

Inspiration trip to Paris We had already determined the colors and designs on the TGV to Paris. There, we immersed ourselves for 2 full days in the mecca of fashion. From Hermès to Gucci, all the major brands were showcased. At Louis Vuitton, crowds of people gathered to admire the storefront where a digital clone of Kusama was painting dots. We cruised on our scooter past the vintage shops in St. Germain and visited the sporty fashion store, Kith. And of course, we made a quick stop at our own collection at Golf Plus in the city center. How cool is that? Our minds are bursting with inspiration. During the return journey on the TGV, we were already sketching ideas...


The 2024 collection from sketch to sample

We have just returned from our meeting in Istanbul and are currently busy with the 2024 collection. It is always exciting to see the new line come to life. We are extremely enthusiastic about it; it looks amazing. Our experience leads to quality Thanks to our five years of production experience, our collaboration with manufacturers has become increasingly smoother, resulting in a even higher quality and craftsmanship level. The new materials also bring new possibilities. We now also offer rainwear, windbreakers, and fantastic sweaters. I can't wait to present the collection. We expect to have our samples ready from June. Two birds with one stone Istanbul is an impressive city, a bustling cultural melting pot. The surrounding golf courses are...


A round of golf with Mr. MEXX, my biggest inspiration

What a party it was last week! We played 18 holes at the challenging and beautiful golf course The International for the Charlie Brave Heart foundation, and I was in the same flight as my biggest inspiration: Rattan Chadah, A.K.A. Mr. MEXX. He's not only a driven entrepreneur, but also very good company and a huge motivator for me! Thirty years ago, I sat at his desk. At that time, I traded in suede and leather from India and wanted to do business with this fashion king. But Rattan knew better than anyone where the best deals were, since India is his birthplace. In the past 30 years, he has expanded his empire and is the founder of the hotel...