The 2024 collection from sketch to sample

We have just returned from our meeting in Istanbul and are currently busy with the 2024 collection. It is always exciting to see the new line come to life. We are extremely enthusiastic about it; it looks amazing.

Our experience leads to quality

Thanks to our five years of production experience, our collaboration with manufacturers has become increasingly smoother, resulting in a even higher quality and craftsmanship level. The new materials also bring new possibilities. We now also offer rainwear, windbreakers, and fantastic sweaters. I can't wait to present the collection. We expect to have our samples ready from June.

Two birds with one stone

Istanbul is an impressive city, a bustling cultural melting pot. The surrounding golf courses are also beautiful. We played a round of golf at the Atasehir Golf Club in the middle of the city. The Proshop there is now also a fan of Par69, so we accomplished two things at once.
Soon, we plan to visit Antalya, Belek, where the growing golf tourism industry presents an interesting market for us.
drivingrange Atasehir golfclub in Istanbul


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