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PAR69 came to life from a search for fashion within the world of golf.  Due to my background in fashion, I felt a desire to appear fashionably on the golf course. However, it was simply impossible to find the kind of attire I was looking for in what golf brands offer. So, I found myself seeking in other places, such as in fashion stores. Unfortunately, the materials of the clothing offered there are not of the right standard of quality, and do not entirely fit in on a golf course.
My experience as a sportswear designer, and history in the world of fashion is combined with a well-defined personal style and eye for beauty.
Besides this combination, there is also a considerable lack of the right fit; one that embraces the female body. With use of unique fits, I attempted to infuse the sport of golf with sexappeal. The rich Italian fabric definitely helps achieve this, due to its top-quality. A nice perk about the collection is that it is fit to be worn all day long, on and off course. 
At the end of 2016 I started designing, and PAR69 was born. As of March 2018 onwards, the clothing is available in some of the most fashionable shops, as well as at the most gorgeous golfclubs in Europe. Please check out our store locator for the nearest point of sale to you or check out our online webshop
Robine Lempers, designer and CEO of PAR 69
PAR 69 B.V.
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