2 full days in the Mecca of fashion

Inspiration trip to Paris

We had already determined the colors and designs on the TGV to Paris. There, we immersed ourselves for 2 full days in the mecca of fashion. From Hermès to Gucci, all the major brands were showcased. At Louis Vuitton, crowds of people gathered to admire the storefront where a digital clone of Kusama was painting dots. We cruised on our scooter past the vintage shops in St. Germain and visited the sporty fashion store, Kith. And of course, we made a quick stop at our own collection at Golf Plus in the city center. How cool is that?

Our minds are bursting with inspiration. During the return journey on the TGV, we were already sketching ideas for the 2025 collection. My daugther is currently busy designing prints. Meanwhile, the samples for 2024 could arrive at any moment. But for now, we will fully enjoy our summer collection of this year, especially now that summer is truly beginning here too.


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